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«The best Wienerschnitzel I ever tasted @ Lucerne, Switzerland»

gigip_8 on TikTok

«The internationally renowned restaurant, a family business, welcomes its numerous guests as a VIP and spoils them with outstanding culinary delights».

From the book «Central Switzerland Creative» from Heidy Buschauer Casalini

«The Old Swiss House is one of the most photographed objects and the traditional house in Lucerne.»

From the book «Swiss specialties» from Ruedi Kubli

«The Wienerschnitzel has a tradition at the Old Swiss House in Lucerne»

Schweizer Illustrierte

«Continuity is dominated by the tradition of the tradition-loving tradition. The kitchen has been praised for years, it shows creativity and great care in dealing with the food.»

Gastronomy Guide Guide Bleu

In the venerable house next to the Löwendenkmal, the lunch menus are a price-performance attraction. The wine cellar is a tradition..

Gastronomy Guide Gault Millau


Our Wienerschnitzel
goes viral

«The best Wienerschnitzel I ever tasted @ Lucerne, Switzerland», writes Gigip_8 under her Tiktok video, which has been viewed over twelve million times and commented on over 6,000 times.

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