Where hospitality and joie de vivre unite in celebration

Some 140 years ago, Jean-Anthelme Brillant-Savarin wrote in his book, «La Physiologie du Goût»: «I have lived long enough to know that every generation says the same thing, and that the following one scoffs at it.»

This is far from being the case here at the Old Swiss House. This is where professional hospitality and joie de vivre unite in celebration. We live in the here-and-now, yet never lose sight of tradition.

On 16 December 1858 taxidermist Samuel Stauffer received permission from the City Fathers to build a half-timbered house on his plot of land called «Weymatte». The property was bought in 1888 by Kaspar Hirsbrunner, who lived in it and installed his photographic workshop there.

Wilhelm Buholzer became its next owner, and in 1931 transferred to it the Hotel Mohren’s inn rights. Managed by his wife, Ida, the establishment soon acquired the character of a restaurant. Generation after generation followed until Philipp, a fourth-generation Buholzer, took it over.

The present Old Swiss House restaurant possesses beautiful rooms, fit for all occasions. The numerous antiques collected over the 147-year history of the house mesmerise our guests and imbue our establishment with an ambience all its own.